South West Herts Narrowboat Project


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Design a boat Download the outline of a canal boat and decorate it in the colours and designs that you have seen on your boat trip and you like best.  
Eye Spy - Observation Alphabet Keep a look out for anything along the canal that begins with each letter of the alphabet.  
Write a short story This can be about your trip on the canal, a walk along the towpath, or anything to do with the canal. Keep it to about two sides of A4 paper and the webmaster will include it on the website so others can enjoy it. Read the stories.
Wildlife Facts Sheet A wildlife facts sheet with information about the wildlife you could see along the canal.  
Wildlife Observation Make a record of the wildlife you see. Use the maps below to identify where the wildlife is. The webmaster will add your observations to the record on the website. See the observations.
Map 1 Map of the canal around the Project's base, to be used to identify where wildlife was seen.  
Map 2 Map of the canal from Grove Mill to Cassiobury Park.  
Map 3 Map of the canal from Cassiobury Park to Batchworth.  
Spot the Mini-Beasts This activity is aimed at the younger spotter and encourages them to keep their eyes open for the smaller wildlife, especially when the boat is tied up. Set an area for each person to spot their mini-beasts: make it a competition, or just a bit of educational fun.  
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