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April 2010

Image of poster: Dick's Folly needs your lolly.

Dick's Folly is the name of the community narrowboat based at Hunton Bridge and run by the South West Herts Narrowboat Project [SWHNP].

The boat has been much used and much enjoyed by a wide variety of local groups since first taking to the water in 1980. Following major failures in equipment and facilities, including the front sewage tank springing a leak, ongoing problems with fuel blockages and 30 years overall wear and tear of all the interior fittings, there was only one course of action! Take the boat out of service and raise funds estimated at 50,000 to undertake a total refit which will bring it up to date and meet current safety regulations.

The plan is for the boat to go to a specialist yard where the work will be undertaken as and when funds are raised. The first 10,000 is already in place but we need to assemble other sums to facilitate a rolling programme.

In preparation, Project volunteers have already stripped out the hull. In fact 'Dick is Gutted' and needs not only TLC, but LSD to get it back up and running!

You can see Dick's Folly at Rickmansworth Canal Festival, 15th and 16th May and get your supply of raffle tickets and Dick's Folly mementos. Watch out for a miniature model of Dick's Folly being towed around the festival and later at Abbots and Kings Langley Carnivals.

If you have sailed on Dick's Folly we know you will want to help. Contact Peter James 07905 307107 or email

Angi Naylor - Project volunteer

Dick's Folly narrowboat.


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