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[written by one of our volunteers].

September 2010


`Dicks Folly` is the community narrowboat based at Hunton Bridge and run by the SWHNP South West Herts Narrowboat Project. This year it had to be taken out of service following a number of major problems. Here’s the latest update of the fundraising activities by the crew and `users` of the boat.

Little Dick's Folly gets personal.

Dear Editor,
As my name and my photo have appeared in your magazine over the last three months, I thought it was about time you heard it from the boats bows, so to speak.

Being a celebrity you'd expect a little bit of respect, or maybe a bit of cherishing; especially after all my parading at Ricky Carnival, the canal festival, the Kings and Abbots carnivals and Croxley Revels - not to mention featuring in a book and future stage debut! Well, let me tell you, the reverse is true. In fact I'm writing this in the cold and dark in Angi's garage, my bow section detached from my body, and dumped on my cabin roof!

When on parade you see me in all my glory, but you don't know what indignities I go through all for the sake of Dick's Folly. To start at the beginning sometime around New Year, Angi had one of her mad ideas; I'm told by those who have known her a long time that it's a regular occurrence! She recognised that a visible and very portable reminder of Dick's Folly had to be available for all the fundraising and publicity events. From drawing to my birth, it took three months and lots of scavenging trips to Watford Recycling and Art Centre and the Garston Tip to name but two places. A fair bit of swearing and one notable trip to A&E courtesy of my friend Stanley [Knife] who gave Angi a taste of her own medicine! And then she names me Little Dick; well really. From the outset Angi was determined that I would fit inside her car, hence the detachable bow, wheels and pulling rod. With one tug, she pulls me off my wheels and unceremonially turns me on my side and shoves me into the car. She has to lay the seats flat to do this and finds a space for the trolley and nose, then slams the boot down hard. Ouch! All this leaves just enough room for her to get in the driver's seat and away we go. Well, you'd think she would have the sense to hide the car away from the event and assemble me in private, but no. There was I, off my wheels and bowless with her in a recumbent position sticking that screwdriver ... I'm not telling you where ... Not content with that, the following week she lets the young'un Harry stick his hands and head up my posterior ... I don't believe me? Well here's the photographic proof:

Picture of Angi using her screwdriver on Little Dick's Folly.

Picture of 'Arry with his hands and head up the posterior of Little Dick's Folly.

And with these pictures come a chance to win a trip on Dick's Folly [once he's back in service]. Send in your captions for these pictures closing date 30 September 2010 to The Villager, and we'll announce the winner in the October issue. Mark them for Caption A, Angi, or Caption B, 'Arry.

Thanks for all your on-going support, especially your cheering and clapping at me! I'll write again when I can.

Love, LDF.

PS Did you see the Crimson Pirate come past the village last month? He has now moved into Apsley Marina making it very easy for you to take up Jan's offer of ordering the Adventures of Pirate books direct. Remember, for each direct order, she is donating 50p to our funds. And of course, you can read all about me, Little Dick's Folly, in her new book, Pirate Goes to a Festival.


Dick's Folly narrowboat.


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