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October 2010

`Dicks Folly` is the community narrowboat based at Hunton Bridge and run by the SWHNP South West Herts Narrowboat Project. This year it had to be taken out of service following a number of major problems. Here’s the latest update of the fundraising activities by the crew and `users` of the boat.

Prizes Giving.
Do you remember having your name called out at assembly and the anxious walk up to the front to find you were not in trouble but actually receiving a certificate or prize? Well, I've now had the pleasure of being the announcer and the bearer of gifts for the two youngsters who won our carnival fundraising game 'Where's Dick?' - each of them winning a teddy bear sporting DF colours. One declared that he had never won anything before, as he proudly tucked the DF teddy under his arm.

August saw us draw the winning name for the Saracens Family Ticket. This was a very lucky prize for the Project having originally been donated for the Summer Raffle, and then re-donated by the winner [thanks Dad]. This time we decided £2 per go, and a maximum of 100 tickets.

Photo of raffle prize winner with Angi.The phone number informed us that our winner lived in Kings Langley. As I dialled it, I reflected on my own anxiety at being called to the front in assembly and the very fine line between cold calling someone whilst jogging their memory as to where and when they put their hand in their pockets to help Dick's Folly. Having satisfied herself that I was a genuine caller, she divulged that Rugby was a family interest. I turned up on a very wet afternoon a couple of days later to hand over the prize. Whilst Pat Guest remained cool, it was wonderful watching the reaction of her dyed in the wool welsh rugby supporting husband as he realised the tickets were for matches at Wembley.

The tables were turned on me at the Kings Langley Carnival presentation on Monday 27th September, when I was called forward to receive a cheque on behalf of the Project for £300. This was one of a number of awards given by the Watford & Langley Rotary Club from the proceeds of the Kings Langley Carnival. A big thank you from the Project to all the Rotarians for their hard work in organising the carnival and for making us one of the beneficiaries.

Black and white photo of Harry underneath Little Dick's Folly.Little Dick's invitation to write captions for our photos proves how hard it is to retain definition when changing from colour to black and white. In fact the young'un Harry seems to have got lost in his green shirt on the green grass, so here's the young'un again.

In preparation for advent and Christmas fayres, we need a supply of scarves and woolly hats in our green or red colours. Can you knit a scarf 18 by 2 inches long or a hat to fit a small teddy? Will you be involved in one of those fayres? Would you be willing to have a section of your stall given over to a 1 in 100 chance to win a DF teddy? If your answer is 'yes' please contact us via The Villager.

If you're in Apsley on 12th September look out for the Apsley Festival where Jan will be folk singing and selling her book, The Adventures of Pirate, the latest one, Pirate Goes to a Festival, features Dick's Folly and Little Dick's Folly.

Next month, have your diary to hand for lots of dates.



Dick's Folly narrowboat.


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