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December 2010

`Dicks Folly` is the community narrowboat based at Hunton Bridge and run by the SWHNP South West Herts Narrowboat Project. This year it had to be taken out of service following a number of major problems. Here’s the latest update of the fundraising activities by the crew and `users` of the boat.

Due to unforeseen circumstances we were not able to join in at the Advent Fayre at Delrow in Aldenham, nor could we secure a space at the increasingly popular Kings Langley Light Festival, but we had plenty of successes to keep our spirits up.

We started this month off with the first of a series of concerts which the Project will benefit from. In a little under two months local residents Tim and Lesley Brookes planted a seed of an idea and on Sunday 7th November launched the aptly named Abbot's Langley Winter Acoustic Concerts. Working in partnership with Dick's Folly the initiative aims to benefit the community with a local event as well as boosting the funds towards the boat's major refit. To a sell out audience the season commenced with a canal theme entitled 'Where the Working Boats Went' written and performed by 'Life and Times' [] folk virtuosos Barry Goodman and Graeme Meek. Dressed for the part they created a bargee's bouquet of song and banter, bringing to life the history and everyday life of the people who dug and worked the cut. With our display boards prominently positioned and Little Dick's Folly sat atop the snooker table proudly watching, the Dick's Folly volunteers diligently dealt with serving tea and cakes to the hundred strong appreciative audiences, John Blake presents the first of the Dick's Folly cakes.whilst press-ganging them to buying raffle tickets raising over £200 towards their target of £5,000. The first of our specially made Dick's Folly cakes was won, along with a DF teddy and signed copies of The Adventures of Pirate [more information from].

Project members would like to record their appreciation of Tim's, Lesley's and their friends' support and look forward to working with them at the next ALWC which is on Sunday 6th February 2011 at 14.30, featuring JIG JAW who combine the percussion and passion of dance traditions with vocal harmonies in a tight scintillating quartet of singing and dancing talent. Enquiries to or call Tim and Lesley on 01923 264536.

Midway through the month we received a cheque from The Lions for £200, part of the proceeds of the Abbots Langley Carnival. The Project wishes to acknowledge and thank them for their generous support.

At the end of the month I collected another Dick's Folly cake. Local Kings Langley resident John Monk has made this specially for us to help raise funds. The cake decorated with Christmas presents and Santa aboard, can be yours for £1 in a 1 in 100 chance. Contact us through The Villager or this link [].

As 2010 draws to a close, can I thank everyone young and old, far and wide who have encouraged and supported us in our quest to get Dick's Folly back on the water and wish you all the Season's greetings and a Happy New Year.


Angi Naylor Project Volunteer


Dick's Folly narrowboat.


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