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[written by one of our volunteers].

January 2011

Dick's Folly is the community narrowboat based at Hunton Bridge and run by the South West Herts Narrowboat Project [SWHNP]. It had to be taken out of service in 2010 following a number of major problems. Here's the latest update of the fundraising activities by the crew and 'users' of the boat.

The work has commenced.
Early in December one of the trustees paid a visit to Starline Marine in Worcestershire and has posted some photographs showing the work in progress on our web pages. At this stage of the work the photos are an invaluable tool to illustrate to our sponsor that we are spending the money wisely. Much of the work being done now will never be seen by our users, as it will soon be covered by the fixtures and fittings. Re-fitting a narrowboat is a bit like making a ship in a bottle: everything has to be pre-made and then 'flat packed' to slide through the 4 feet maximum front door space.
Starline's work plan is in line with the Projects fundraising achievements, our time frame for getting Dick's Folly back in the water depends on the speed at which the funds come in.

Dick's Folly decorated cake no. 2Pete McDonnell with Angi and the cake.
Within two weeks of announcing our second Dick's Folly 1 in 100 cake I had collected the said 100 as well as receiving a few more s as donations. The winner was Kings Langley resident Pete McDonnell who was thrilled to win it and impressed that it was made by a man!
Our cake maker John Monk was also busy making a Diamond Wedding Anniversary cake for my parents, and I have passed on to him salutations from 'Up North' to the taste of said cake. John has agreed to assist us in our February fundraising events and Dick's Folly cakes no 3 and no 4 are now being prepared and Project members look forward to seeing you on:-

Sunday 6th February 2011 at 2.30pm
The second of the Project's joint ventures with Tim and Lesley Brooks ALWAC Abbots Langley Winter Accoustic Concert. Dick's Folly crew will be serving refreshments as well as running the raffle. This time featuring JigJaw who combine the percussion and passion of dance traditions with vocal harmonies in a tight scintillating quartet of singing and dancing talent. Enquiries to or call Tim and Lesley on 01923 264536.Clever Dicks - Dicks Folly Quiz

Friday 11th February 2011 at 7pm
Are you really a clever dick? Then prove it - get together a team of 6 and come along to The Nap Community Centre in Kings Langley for a fun food and fundraising quiz evening at 10 per head. There will be eight rounds including general knowledge, sport, beat the intro, pictures, two marathon rounds and a couple of mystery rounds. The venue is fully accessible. Ticket enquiries to or 0778630 78613.


[See our Forthcoming Events page for more details of both events - Webmaster]

On behalf of the Project can I wish you a Happy New Year and thank you for your continuing support.

Angi Naylor Project Volunteer


Dick's Folly narrowboat.


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