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February 2011

Dick's Folly is the community narrowboat based at Hunton Bridge and run by the South West Herts Narrowboat Project [SWHNP]. In the 2009-10 season the boat had to be taken out of service following a number of major problems. Here's the latest update of the fundraising activities by the crew and 'users' of the boat.

I thrive on all forms of travel, whether it be an amble on the tow path with the Kings Langley Health Walks, or carefully steering Dick's Folly along the Grand Union as it meanders through the Grove Estate, or heading off on adventures in far off places.
So by the time the February Villager hits the shops, myself and fellow traveller, Maureen Marshall will have returned jubilant with success and full of stories, having travelled from Los Angeles by Amtrak to Seattle and then driven back to LA, the 1000 odd miles on Route 101; so this article is being prepared mid month. Both the Quiz and the second ALWAC concert will be taking place as I return and I will bring you up to date in the next edition. I understand tickets are going well for both.

Gunda bear.
A few weeks ago I offered a chance for bear collectors to make an offer for a Gunda bear still with ear tag. If I've learnt one thing whilst fund raising it's what I've learnt about people I thought I knew well. So I was both pleased to accept an offer from friend Nicola as she informed me she has a Steif and ... and went on to list the bears in her life! Will she name this little fella Gunda Dick? [Gunda Din].

Fundraising comes in many guises.Photo collage of John and Angi as marshalls at  Abbots Langley's Tough Ten.
Some groups raise money for their own project, whilst others just raise money and distribute it to good causes. The Abbot's Tough Ten is the latter and once a year the organisers put out a call for volunteers to act as marshals for the event. As in most communities, people are often wearing one or two, or three caps at any one time. In the 'Tough Ten' case - High Vis Vest' were de rigor for the day, and took precedence over people's other loyalties. The event was a community happening in every sense. I countered a number of Dick's Folly Project members and other associated folk pointing the runners in the right direction and doing their bit for the 'Tough Ten'.
The Tough Ten had its presentation evening on 22 January where the Project was pleased to receive 1000 towards the refit. [For picture and more information see our News page].

The Project continues to seek out organisations that will fund raise for the refit of Dick's Folly: please contact us through the website link.

Angi Naylor Project Volunteer


Dick's Folly narrowboat.


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