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Articles in the local Villager News magazine
[written by one of our volunteers].

July 2011

The rivalry and banter between the two Langley Villages is well known, but when it comes to supporting the project both have been 100% behind us in our quest to get the boat back in service and in cheering us on in their respected carnivals.

Over a dozen floats and scores of walkers of all ages and dressed in all sorts of uniforms and costumes assembled on School Mead and anxiously awaited the judges decision. Its 'the taking part' muttered the disoriented as the winners of this years best floats jumped up and down. 

This of course was Little Dick's second time of taking part at Abbots Carnival so he was very casual about the whole event, even taking time out to have a chat with Valerie the Villager's Van!

Our place in the procession was behind Postman Pat and his Black and White Cat. Along with many others we did a double take and Little Dick had two photos taken one with the adult version and then with the children!

Martin took the helm pulling LDF through the streets with Judith, Maureen and Angi in support.  It was great to be able to shout out 'the boats back'. I couldn’t quiet keep up that chant as we pushed LDF up Gibbs Hill, but I did manage a quick chat with the star of stage screen and many a carnival parade Mr Bobby Crush who in a reverse of roles was cheering the paraders on.

The following week saw our gazebo lashed down by the expert rope work of Phil preventing the equally lashing rain from getting at us. Every one knows it will rain at Kings Langley Carnival so everyone expects to get at least a little bit wet!

No parade here, but Little Dick was pride of place at the front of our stall where he was pleased to meet with Colin the Pirate Parrot who was rushing around on his three wheeler bike, franticly  followed  by Harry who couldn’t quiet work out how Colin new his name. It's 'cos you're famous 'arry!

This piece has to close with the news of the refurbished Dicks Folly's first trip out. The honour going to regular users, and old friends as well as old sea salts HMS Wildfire. One of their crew must have been on Arc Royal as he brought his wands to guy the boat back to the landings stage.

Once again the volunteers salute the local community for all its support over the last year and look forward to seeing you on board.

[You can see pictures of Little Dick's Folly at Abbots Carnival on this page.]

Angi Naylor Project Volunteer


Dick's Folly narrowboat.


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