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October 2011

They say a picture paints a thousand words, well I hope you agree that both last month's and this month's photos of the Dicks Folly 'Thank You' trips certainly paint pictures of excitement, enjoyment and most of all fun.

The Knitters and Cake Makers enjoying their cruise on Dick's Folly.




This month we have welcomed abroad The Knitters and Cake Makers whose creative efforts helped raise funds over the last 2 years. These two groups brought with them a feast of finger food, all of which was shared, and nothing of which was returned home!


The Knitters with their stow away teddies.




Along with our human passengers there were a trio of stowaway Teddies sporting their project coloured scarves for the camera! They are in training for 'looking cute' and encouraging people to buy a raffle ticket in our forthcoming fundraising events. John, our cake maker, is already busy preparing Christmas Puddings to add to the prizes.

As we set off south towards Cassiobury, a whistle was joined by some humming and finally words were recalled as we all joined in

"When the weather is fine then you know it's a sign
For messing about on the river.
If you take my advice there's nothing so nice
As messing about on the river."

In fact the weather was perfect and we were treated to some spectacular scenery made even better by the dappled autumn sunshine pushed its way through the tree lined banks, and casting mirror like reflections on the water. And as everyone learned to steer and work the locks much messing about was done! See this page for our guests' version of this trip in an extract of The Delrow Digest.

George from Stopgap helping to turn Dick's Folly the traditional way.


Two days later the first our Stopgap learners 'Thank You' trips took place, again with glorious weather and great company. George was the first to have a steer and from them on became our look out hailing us to watch out for overhanging trees and low bridges. He went on to flex his muscles and pull the boat's bow around as we did our turn round at the Iron Bridge Lock.




Pirate [on the left] in the Tug of War at Apsley Lock.This month the boat has been booked out on 11 occasions, which is proof indeed that Dicks Folly is serving the community. As well as day trips, HMS Wildfire had another weekend jaunt sailing down passed Rickmansworth. The same weekend was the Apsley Lock Fun Day. I received a text requesting my presence to act as ballast on Pirate as he took part in the Tug of War. Owner Janul was also singing and selling her books The Adventures of Pirate at the event. Singer . It was great to see the crowds enjoying themselves and being parted from their money for a good cause. []

We hope to see you soon either on the boat or supporting us at the ALWAC Concerts The dates of which are Sunday October 6th, 'Angels'. Sunday November 13th 'On The Road To Mandalay'. February 12th 'Pilgrims Way'. March 11th 'The Oxford Fiddle Group'. All starting at 3pm. For Tickets contact or Tim & Lesley Brookes 01923 264536.

 Our thanks to one and all for your ongoing support.

Angi Naylor Project Volunteer


Dick's Folly narrowboat.


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