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[written by one of our volunteers].

December 2011

The Project held its AGM last month and I took over the rôle of chair.

So as I'm now at the helm I've set myself a course to steer us toward completing the two outstanding tasks made possible as a result of the Graham Picket bequest, namely the landing stage and the new boat.

At the beginning of November our Landing Stage Commissioning Crew headed up by Stephen had a very productive on-site meeting with a firm who specialise in riverside banking work. The plans, estimates and time-scales are now being worked on and we look forward to being able to announce a start date for Spring 2012.

A few days later, on 16th November, the New Boat Commissioning Crew of Peter L, Peter D, John B, and myself set off from Base for the drive to Stourport on Severn to see two boats that have been flexible designed. We were most impressed and what we saw and learned was both practical and possible and especially be easily able to cope with the needs of people who have physical disabilities i.e. be wheelchair accessible. We are looking forward to studying their plans, costing and time-frames.

These two new sub-groups are made up of existing and enthusiastic volunteers, some of whom you see at community events or as crew on the boat. Some you never see, but were it not for their efforts, neither would you see or be able to go on Dicks Folly. Over the next couple of months I hope to unmask those unsung champions, the mainstay of the Project and give an A-Z of the tasks they do.

Near the beginning of the list is B, for Bookings, and it's Janet who for many years has coordinated the diary and collected the deposits, and who announced in a recent email that we already have over 20 days bookings confirmed for next year.

At the other end of the alphabet we have W for the Webmaster, also known as Pete D, who once a week deftly clicks his mouse and uploads this and other articles to keep our website up to date.

Our Catering Crew skippered by Judith responded to another call out to support the fund-raising activities at the ALWA Concerts, where, on Remembrance Sunday over 60 people came to listen to the barrack room ballads of Rudyard Kipling. The event was made all the more poignant when later that evening the moving story of the loss of his own son in 'Have You Seen My Son Jack?' was shown on the television. A DF teddy with its winner.



The raffle in aid of the Project saw another DF Teddy sail off to a new home ...



Christmas puddings for the raffle.




 ... along with some specially made Christmas Puddings.




Cake maker John Monk has promised something special for the next two concerts which are on:
Sunday February 12th ~ with Pilgrims Way
Sunday March 11th ~ with The Oxford Fiddle Group.
Both concerts start at 3pm. For tickets contact or Tim and Lesley Brookes on 01923 264536.

May I take this opportunity to wish you the season's greetings and thank you for your ongoing support. May I also send my personal thanks for the numerous congratulations and well wishes on my taking up the chair.

Angi Naylor
Project Volunteer & Chair


Dick's Folly narrowboat.


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