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April 2012

By the time you read this the clock will have gone back, bringing with it later evenings and hopefully, warmer weather. The boat has been out on three weekends in March with groups from Western District London Area Sea Scouts and the 20th Southgate Scouts enjoying living and working together. The Falcon Explorer Scouts have booked a whole week over the Easter Break and I look forward to hearing how far they went and how many locks they had to negotiate.

Harry puts up another ALWAC poster.Meanwhile, Harry came along to assist me in putting up the ALWAC posters, and in so doing introduced me to his new class teacher who until then had not heard of Dick's Folly, nor of Harry's part in the Project. Needless to say she was impressed and gave Harry a challenge which he duly rose to. Harry prepares his talk.One week later he gave a talk to his class informing them that the boat was called Dick's Folly and was 73 feet long; that he had slept on it at the Canal Festival; that he had been in Abbots, Ricky and Croxley Revels Carnival Parades pulling Little Dick's Folly and that he was famous, having been mentioned on a number of occasions in The Villager. Not a bad achievement for a soon to be 8 year old. He came home proud as a peacock and announced that his class mates had applauded him. Well done Harry, from all of us.

Harry, along with other Project members are now in training for the 2012 carnival parades and of course, the Rickmansworth Canal Festival, where there will be a chance for people to come on board and see all the improvements.

The dates are:
Saturday 12th May - Rickmansworth Carnival Parade
Saturday and Sunday 19th and 20th May - Rickmansworth Canal Festival

Dick's Folly A to Z of tasks.

Continuing unmasking the unsung champions who are the mainstay of the Project and the A to Z of tasks that they do. The growing list can be seen on this page.

B is for British Waterways who since 1963 have managed the canal network throughout the country and who in April 2012 will metamorphose their stewardship into the charity Canal and River Trust.

C is for Canal Experience Training who sponsor the Project's website. Do take a look at what they have to offer: [link opens in a new window/tab].

F is for Fundraising. Every charity depends on the goodwill and financial support of the local community. Without a named Fundraiser each and every one of the Dick's Folly Volunteers plays their part from shaking collecting tins to grant form filling. With slogans such as "Dick's Folly needs your oy" we have managed to keep the Project afloat! The Graham Pickett bequest has put the boat back in the water and will allow us to repair the landing stage. The money is also committed to the Project purchasing a new boat, but will still leave us 10,000 short of the full cost. This makes us 'asset rich but remaining cash poor'.

S is for Stern Tube Greaser. The last job to do when we bring the boat back in from a trip is to give this a turn which, as it's name implies, pushes waterproof grease in to packing material around the propeller shaft tube preventing water from getting into the engine space bilge.

T is for the Tiller Pin securing the tiller to the swan neck. Dick's Folly has a choice of a plain one, or one in the shape of a frog.

T is also for Tony the Tillerpin and his wife Eve. Tony's metalwork skills are clearly stated in his nickname. The pair have been very supportive of the Project and donated the items for our bric-a-brac stall at Ricky Canal Festival 2011. Look at [opens in a new window/tab] to see the wonderful eagle he created for Jan of the narrowboat The Crimson Pirate.

Angi Naylor
Project Volunteer & Chair


Dick's Folly narrowboat.


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