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September 2012

Dick's Folly
Last month we announced the name of the new boat and the hope that Pickle's Folly will be moored next to Dick's Folly before the year is out.

Little did I think that when I put my first copy to Julie at the Villager that it would turn into a regular commitment. A commitment that has very much centred the end of each month for me for the last two and a half years (April 2010).

With the arrival of the second boat the title of this piece will need to change to reflect its coming into service. So it's both a fitting time for the Project and as I have just taken early retirement, timely for me to hand this task on to other members of the Project to keep you updated.

It has been both a pleasure and a privilege to be writing this column. Your feedback has been much appreciated as has the help with the extra photos and information. Special thanks must go to Maureen who diligently proof reads through my dyslexic first drafts.

I'll close off by completing the A to Z tribute to the Project and its volunteers and then do just what my last letter says.

A to Z of maintenance
Continuing unmasking the unsung champions who are the mainstay of the Project and the A to Z of tasks that they do alongside narrowboating terms. The complete list can be seen on this page.

A is for Anode (Sacrificial Anode). Fitted to the hull under the waterline, this large piece of metal e.g. magnesium, is designed to corrode due to electrolysis instead of the hull. It has to be inspected every 2 years to see how much has been eroded. Narrowboats normally have 2 or 3 each side of the hull.

I is for Inside - no, not the cabin, but the term for the side of the canal next to the towpath, depending on which way you are sailing.

J is for Josher boats, which belong to Fellows, Morton & Clayton Ltd. who we regularly share locks with.

K is for Knitting for a Knackered Knarrowboat, a great fundraising phrase.

N is for Narrowboat. Usually 6 feet 10 inches wide and any length from 20 feet to 72 feet, these boats were made to fit the locks on the canals. Traditionally, they are wide enough (just) to fit in a lock of a 'narrow' canal, and two can fit alongside each other in a 'wide' canal - such as the Grand Union Canal.

Q is for Quiz Night. 2011 was our best ever single event and all credit must be given to John Blake for his organisational skills. The evening was also fun.

U is for Uniform. The Project members currently sport green polo shirts with the logo in yellow. We are on the look out for sponsors for our next generation of shirts.

Y is for Youth. The Project originated out of the South West Herts Youth and Community Service. We encourage users from all age groups to get involved.

Z is for Zzzzzzz. This is what all our volunteers and users do at the end of a great day out on Dick's Folly.

Angi Naylor
Project Volunteer

Note from the webmaster - I would like to thank Angi for all the help she has been to the Project, and the website in particular. Her regular contributions during my time maintaining the website have been very welcome and I'll miss you. My best wishes to you in your retirement, Pete


Dick's Folly narrowboat.


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