South West Herts Narrowboat Project

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This page includes written accounts of trips made by students of Bushey Meads School in 2017:

Day on a Narrow Boat.

On Thursday 9th November we went on a narrow boat with the school, the boat was called Dickís Folly it was 72 feet long and had a max speed of 8 miles an hour. We were on the Grand Union Canal. The people running the boat were Pete and Nigel, they were great crew members and they were very positive all the time they taught us a lot. I got to open and close the locks, so the boat could get up and down hills. I got to be helmsman and steered the boat up the canal passed the other boats. We pulled the boat to the side of the canal and tied it up. Steering the boat was really fun and I felt responsible for everyone on the boat which made me feel very grown up. We saw lots of wildlife, ducks, a swan and many interesting houses with gardens that went down to the canal. We worked as a team to open and close the locks, steer the boat and to tie it up. I laughed a lot and we had a brilliant time and I would recommend it to anyone. I would happily live on a boat, I learnt a lot and it was good to be trusted and we all took it very seriously but with Pete and Nigel explaining everything it was a really fun day.


My Canal Boat Trip on the Grand Union Canal:

On Thursday 9th November 2017 we went along the Grand Union Canal on a narrow boat called Dicks Folly. I woke up that morning feeling excited for the great adventure ahead. The best part of the day was steering the narrow boat along the canal and seeing all the wildlife whilst we were going along. I also had the opportunity to turn the narrow boat around so we could return back to where we were moored. The narrow boat is 72 ft long so I had to take care maneuvering it because the canal is quite narrow. Throughout the boat trip we had to work as a team as we had to open and close each of the locks, help steer the boat and help tie the ropes to help keep the boat still whilst everyone else was closing the locks. We all had to communicate and we also had to be observant throughout the trip as we all wanted to stay safe throughout the boat trip. I had great fun and I recommend this to anyone reading as it's a great experience for anyone even wheelchair users. I just want to say thank you to Pete and Nigel for a fantastic day!

Many Thanks Nicola

My Day on Dicks Folly

My day on the narrow boat was magnificent because everyone got to steer the boat and work the locks. Nigel and Pete were the guys that helped us through. We travelled from Hunton bridge for about 3 miles. We didnít travel very fast roughly 4 miles an hour. The best part of the day for me was when I was steering the boat and working the locks. I saw a Heron and Mallard ducks on the journey up the canal. It was a great experience to do and I really want to do something like that again. Thank you for giving me a lovely experience I will be recommending it to my friends. We worked as a team by helping each other by opening and closing the locks. We had to talk to each other and watch carefully to be safe.

Kind regards Parag

My canal trip:

I arrived with a sense of eager anticipation and a sense of adventure and my time there fulfilled these feelings because the helmsmen were very nice and very friendly towards us they taught us the way the canal boat worked. We all got involved with the activities like changing the locks which made the locks open and allowed the canal boat to pass through. When the boat passed into the locks we had to wait for the water to rise with the boat. To my surprise, we were allowed to drive the boat under the careful supervision of Nigel. The main focus of this trip was teamwork as we had to communicate with one another on the locks and ropes. We also had to communicate on when people could come on and off the boat. The main reason for communication was when we were steering the boat we had to maneuver it in the way Nigel told us so everyone was safe. So I would like to say a massive thank you to Nigel and Pete for a wonderful day and an amazing experience which I would definitely recommend to anyone reading this. The two guys are amazing and the day was brilliant.


My canal boat trip

My trip on the canal boat was a fun experience, I had lots of fun. The 2 helmsmen were really nice, jolly and positive they showed us the ropes and we were quickly on our way along the Grand Union Canal. Nigel, was at the blunt end of the boat steering and controlling the engine, he showed us how to steer. Nigel was very patient with us, so we didnít get worried about messing up, he was with us the whole time walking through turns and twists. Pete, was an expert with the locks, he showed how they work and we all got to experience opening them; the boat passes through the lock and then we used a windlass to turn the mechanism that allows water to go through and make the boat rise to the level of the other side of the canal. My overall experience was great, and I thank Nigel and Pete for a great day. I would definitely recommend the South West Herts Narrow Boat to my friends and family.



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