South West Herts Narrowboat Project


Day trips.

The Project works hard to maintain the boats for use by community groups. It provides training so that they can handle the boat with confidence while their group is using the boat. Sometimes this is not practicable, and in those situations the Project will try to provide trained helmsmen for the group - at a small additional cost.

The boats can take up to 12 people [plus two Project crew if provided] on day trips, although this must be limited to a total of 12 for longer trips as there are only 12 berths on Dick's Folly and up to 10 berths on Pickle's Folly. A boat trip is fun and educational - we can brief / supervise you on how to work the locks safely if you want to help. Check our online calendars from this page for available dates. Weekends are not usually possible since we need to keep the boat available for all-weekend group outings.

The Project would normally expect a donation for trips or use of the narrowboat base: see this page for details of how much it would cost. To make a booking enquiry please contact:

Janet White
Tel: 01923 224411




Registered Charity No. 299973.